Power of Protein

So you’ve come to make some change, huh? Is it weight loss? Better your overall health? Get stronger? Improve performance? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to the human body your results are determined a lot more by the food that you eat and not just by exercise. Staggeringly, eliciting any change is about 80% nutrition/20% exercise. That means if you haven’t included a diet change in your plans, you may not be very successful in your goals.

Arguably, one of the biggest factors to consider is protein intake. It is fundamental to muscle growth and tissue repair. Especially given the intensity of Crossfit programming, muscle repair is crucial to avoid injury and sustain training.

Protein is also huge for weight loss goals. One of the biggest issues people face when dieting is staying full. Many people fail in adhering to their new plans because of hunger pangs. Protein has a high satiety factor and helps keep a feeling of fullness. The other benefit is preserving lean mass. While trying to lose weight, it’s typical for dieters to under consume protein as well. As a result, some weight loss could be important lean mass and not fat. This may appear that the scale is tipping in your favor, when really progress is being lost.

So what is the answer? There is no clear cut answer unfortunately. Because everyone has different goals, starting points, and metabolisms many factors need to be taken into consideration. Fortunately this question has been asked many times before, and the wheel doesn’t need to be re-written. Mark’s Daily Apple has  done a great job of breaking down the needs and researching the RDA’s as well. We recommend taking a peek there before making any big changes.

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