Welcome to Tough Temple CrossFit! Conveniently located in the Metro DC area, we pride ourselves on being your go to Box, whether you’re just starting or have been CrossFitting for years. Our unique programming philosophy focuses on fundamentals and the intelligent use of intensity coupled with appropriate scaling when necessary.

In order to find true fitness, proper movement mechanics and form must be practiced and reinforced through repetition. Each class involves a technique and strength component after the dynamic warm up. This allows each athlete to learn new skills, then progress that movement to the proper weight or intensity given their current capacity.

Our skilled coaches will help guide each athlete to the productive limits of their abilities without pushing into unhealthy levels of exertion that compromise form or could otherwise cause injury. At the end of the day establishing proper mechanics and functional strength will best improve your quality of life inside and outside the Box.

But our commitment to your health and fitness doesn’t stop when you leave the Box. Tough Temple CrossFit has established partnerships with companies that offer services that augment our own. This gives you the most holistic fitness strategy possible.


Nutrition is the often neglected side of the equation in your growth and development. Simply put, a lot of us don’t have the time or skillset to cook a healthy nutritious meal that will help us realize our full fitness potential. To help our members, Tough Temple CrossFit has partnered with POWER SUPPLY to have custom meals delivered right to the Box. This service is invaluable in helping our members make the progress they want, whether to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase work capacity. POWER SUPPLY offers fully customized plans to fit your individual needs.


Accountability is the cornerstone of our community. We are committed to helping you achieve your results. To that end, we have partnered with WODIFY’s digital workout tracking program to help you keep track of all things fitness related. Know your PRs, your workout times, and set new goals all through their integrative software that is mobile accessible.



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