Our comprehensive Foundations Program is designed to teach anyone new to the CrossFit methodology how to lift safely and effectively in a group environment. Our knowledgeable coaches breakdown the movements commonly seen in our CrossFit WODs, teaching all the fundamental components in a way that is easy to understand. Each workout in the program builds on the previous workouts, gradually elevating in both complexity and intensity gearing our new members up to joining the main CrossFit class at the completion of the program.

Warm up

Each class begins with a warm-up to prepare you for what's to come.


We teach you the form to keep you safe and efficient.


Try it out while we cue you to help you apply what you just learned.


Each class has a full workout to challenge yourself to be better.

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*Foundations must be completed or have prior CrossFit experience before

attending main class!





CrossFit is a fitness program like not other. By Definition it is constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.No two workouts are alike. Each Workout of the Day (WOD) has:

  • -Personalized warm-ups led by the Coaches.
  • -Unique Strength Cycle developed by our Programmers.
  • -Intense metabolic conditioning (Metcons) to increase work output and improve performance.
  • -Cooldown and Mobility to reduce injury and maintain much needed range of motion for correct form.


With movements ranging from Gymnastics, Olypmic Lifting, Power Lifting, Monostructural Cardio, Calesthenics, and more. There is always a challenge to be had and room to improve. All movements and workouts are scalable for all ages so the young and old, the fit and deconditioned can attend each class and can all be appropritately challenged in a friendly and welcoming environment. 

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Barbell Club


Weightlifting is one of the world’s oldest sports; it has been part of the Olympic Games since the days of ancient Greece. CrossFit Bethesda is home to the Tough Temple Barbell Club, a USA Weightlifting registered club. Whether you are looking to compete, or if you just want to focus on getting stronger and improving your technique, this is the program for you. Strength is the root of all other physical capacities, and no other form of training is capable of having such a profound impact on your health and performance. Our Barbell Club functions as a stand alone program, but it can also be combined with our CrossFit classes.





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