Intro to CrossFit Plan – 1st Month only $99!

To help you get started, we’ve developed a comprehensive onboarding process. Our Intro Plan allows members to get started with us for only $99 for the first month. This plan is designed to get you into our Foundations Program which will cover the foundational philosophy of CrossFit, movement instruction on all the basic exercises you can expect to see in a typical CrossFit class, and basic instruction on mobility, stretching, and other maintenance programs that will benefit you. Our Foundations Program is 6 classes long, taught over two weeks, after which you will be able to join the main CrossFit classes. For the remaining time in your first month, feel free to come to as many classes as you can manage in order to get a feel for the schedule, different coaches, and how much exercise your body is prepared to undertake on a regular basis. As you get towards the end of your month, our Membership Coordinator will be in touch to guide you through the membership options we have available to you moving forward.

One on One Coaching

Get a Personalized Program to Fit Your Goals!

Our knowledgeable coaches are available to you on a flexible schedule, and will provide you with a customized program to fit your specific fitness goals. Need to lose weight? Increase performance? Resolve mobility issues or reduce pain? Our coaches will bring their expertise in designing the most effective programming to get you results fast! Click below to set up an initial consult with one of our coaches so we can get you started today!

Barbell Fundamentals

Learn How to Lift Safely and Effectively

For those looking specifically to get stronger and refine their Olympic Lifting technique, our Barbell Club is the way to go! The Barbell Fundamentals Program allows you to learn the basics of the Olympic lifts, accessory exercises, and introduces you to the basics of Barbell centric programming. You will coached in a small group over the course of 6 classes, with each class building upon the material covered in the previous classes. After completing the Barbell Fundamentals course, you will be welcome to join the Barbell Club during regular class times that we offer at both our locations. If you are interested in Barbell Club you should contact our Barbell Club Coach, John Filippini directly at to get started!



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