Foundations Program

Class Schedule & Pricing
$99 First Month

Beginning in CrossFit can be daunting. There’s a lot to learn. At TTCF we make it easy to get started and see if CrossFit is for you. At $99 dollars, our Foundations program gives you a chance to experience CrossFit without commiting to an expensive long term contract. There is no term length or fine print. Come try us out for 30 days, learn the basics, and experience our supportive community for yourself. After your 30 day trial, you pick the membership that best suits your goals and schedule.

Our Foundations program is designed to explain the fundamentals of functional movement, while allowing new members to gradually increase their exercise intensity. Our expert trainers instruct you through the basics of bodyweight movement, beginning gymnastics, and lightweight barbell movements over the course of 6 classes. As technique and comprehension grow, our coaches explain the process of scaling to find the appropriate relative intensity, making your workout the most productive it can be at your current ability. This knowledge carries over once you join the main class, allowing you to scale down weight or complexity of movements until your abilities allow you to do all the movements “Rx” or as prescribed. As your abilities improve, so does the intensity of the workout, allowing for constant development of your fitness, no matter your current capacity.



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